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High Court Registry Admiralty

An Admiralty case is concerned with respect to accidents in sea or any kind of dealings being effectively conducted between parties which leads to breach of contract. Actions are filed in Personam or in Rem.

The Chief Registrar of the High Court shall be the Sheriff of Fiji as per Section 17.

Some of the Admiralty actions in rem filed in High Court are as follows:

  • Disputes relating to the ownership, possession or title to a vessel or a share in a vessel;
  • Mortgages, including foreign mortgages and other charges in the nature of a mortgage;
  • Claims for towage;
  • Claims relating to salvage;
  • Claims for pilotage;
  • Claims for general damage;
  • Claims for wages of masters and crew;
  • Claims for disbursements made by masters, shippers, charterers or agents on behalf of a vessel or its owner;
  • Claims for damage done by a vessel;
  • Personal injury claims for which the vessel's owner, operator or charterer is liable;
  • Claims for loss of or damage to goods carried by a vessel;
  • Claims arising from contracts for the carriage of goods by a vessel;
  • Claims arising from agreements for the use or hire of a vessel;
  • Claims for the construction, repair, alteration or equipping of vessel;
  • Claims for goods, materials or services supplied to a vessel;
  • Claims for unpaid insurance premiums or calls from protection and indemnity associations;
  • Port, harbour, marine navigation aid dues and similar charges;
  • Claims for marine pollution damage;
  • Claims for damages arising from the operator of a vessel for which the owner, operator or charterer is liable;
  • Claims for the enforcement of arbitral awards in respect of maritime claims; and
  • Claims for the enforcement of local and foreign admiralty judgments in rem.

Some of the Admiralty actions in personam filed in High Court are as follows:

a). Claim for damage done to a vessel, claim to limit liability under any international maritime convention to which Fiji is a party allowing for limitation of liability in relation to vessels;

b). Ancillary matters of admiralty and maritime jurisdiction associated with matters in respect of which the Courts jurisdiction is invoked.

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Media Release

Keynote Address by Chief Justice Anthony Gates
at the Opening of the Fiji Law Society's Convention
"Fundamentals of Private Practice" 25th September 2015,
Novotel, Suva

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